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2015 hot Elastic printing paste

NOMANT INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED We have abundant capital and professional technical research and development team . We professional in product and sale oil based plastisol ink and water based print ink ( for example: elastic paste, swimsuit paste , plastisol ink , bronzing paste , flocking paste , discharge ink , cracking paste and so on ) , our company is famous in domestic market for products high quality ,perfect service system ,fast delivery and reasonable price . And we are gradually to the international market .
NOMANT INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED adheres to the “customer supreme, people-oriented, improvement, innovation” management concept , we providing customers with high quality products and sincere service ,for employees, we build harmonious beauty and respect work environment .
High quality, innovation, is our eternal pursuit , your satisfaction is our ultimate dream.

2015 hot Elastic printing paste
Product name
Elastic printing paste
25KG/drum for white,  20KG/drum for clear
6 months in cool place
Suitable for cotton, polyester etc
1. High elasticity
2. High fastness
3. SGS detecting passed, no PVC, no heavy metal, no NPEOs
Mix proportion
Light: White printing paste 70-80% + Clear printing paste 20-30% + pigment ?%
Deep: White printing paste 20-30% + Clear printing paste 70-80% + pigment ?%
Printing process
1. Mixing with white printing paste, clear printing paste, pigment and stirring them evenly.
2. Printing for 3-4 times (3-4 scrapes per time).
3. Drying it in room temperature, or baking for 1-3 minutes under 150-180
4. Finish.

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rubber paste for tshirt printing

Price and quality are the mostly we are thinking , no need to worry if we don’t have any advantages. We have been in this area for more than 20 year ,we know the market well we also know how to help clients win their market well.
we don’t need one time business, we also don’t want to waste your time and money. if you really want to find a good partner ,you can Contact us for more detail!!

Product list
  1. textile printing inks( plastisol ink ,rubber paste ,binders.)
  2. special effect ink( cracking,flocking,foil…)
  3. special transfer inks
  4. printing auxiliariy


rubber paste for tshirt printing


25KGS for white and 20KGS for transparent

1.high fastess,high coverage
2.high glossy and soft hand feeling
3.SGS testing report,no phthalate
4.Can bear up to 300 degree heated
How to use?
1.This product is for t-shirt ,handbags, toys, craft cloth, ribbon and other fabric screen printing pattern of mid-range requirements
2.use 80-300 meshed screen if needed
4. Dry it in room temperature for 24-48 hours, or baking for 1-3 minutes or hot pressing 10 seconds with 150-180°C.

For deep color

For  light  color
Elastic  white paste

Elastic  white paste
Elastic transparent

Elastic transparent



1. dry the paste surface with cold air each time before re-printing.
2. The pigment can not be exceeded in 12%, or it’ll be easily faded
3.Keep the goods in cool place with a tempreture from 15 to 40
4.Use all the goods in 24 hours if curing agent is added.

You need to contact me for more detail as the products need some info to let you easy to control.