Tuesday, 24 November 2015

plastisol ink for screen printing

plastisol ink for screen printing
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Long time no contact ,here is the latest price from Nomant textile printing ink
1) rubber paste : USD 2/KG ,FOB shenzhen
2) discharge ink: USD 2/KG ,FOB shenzhen
3)oil based plastisol ink ,USD 4.05/KG ,FOB shenzhen
4) table glue: USD 1.98/KG ,FOB shenzhen
5) water based emulsion : USD 3.21/KG ,FOB shenzhen
Free sample can send to you ,MOQ is 1) 2) 3) based on 2000KGS ,4) and 5) based on 200KGS
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

PTF-1 Synthetic Thickener

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NMT-8 Series Lycra Water Based Ink

NMT-8 Series Lycra Water Based Ink
Soft touch, excellent elasticity, good adhesion, anti-scratch, steady color and anti-wash.

Environmental standards:
1According with the environmental standard of  Formaldehyde(Japan).
2According with the standard of AZO(2002/61/EC).
3According with the standard of EN-71 Part 3(Heavy Metal).
4According with the standard of GB/T 7573(PH) for textile.
5According with the standard of APEO(2003/53/EC).
Reference Formula:
                White Printing     Color Printing
   NM-0401          0-10               70-90
   NM-0401        90-100             10-30                         
   Pigment           -                  1-8     
  Total (weight%)                    100
Printing (1000-1200 mesh screen) -- Drying (60-70  for 3-5 mins) or hot treatment (150  for 2-3 mins)
1It will has better soft touch if use 100%TD-100 as the underlayer first.
2Add 1%WG-001 for excellent anti-wash and anti-scratch.You can add more 0.2%WG-001 if the ink can not be   finished within 24 hours.
3Please store the finished product after full dry to avoid the after tack.
4Have a hot treatment after full dry can reduce the stickiness.
5Wash the mesh fully when the mesh blocks up.
6Add 5-8% pure water or 2-5%WG-004 as the thinner.
 7Please test before printing.

Storage at room temperature for 6 months. (0 > 40 )


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