Sunday, 8 May 2016

Create high-quality printing brand

In many people's opinion, a respected companies should have externally temperament: the outer, stable and reliable product quality, timely and efficient after-sales service; including, a stable management team loyalty, people-oriented corporate culture, moderate appropriate staff motivation and training mechanisms.
Recently, the reporter in Guangzhou printing exhibition To better understand the situation and trends in the printing business and business needs, very fortunate to interview General Manager Mr. Normant Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NOMANT") of Liucan Jun (hereinafter referred to as " Liu "). In the interview process, customers flocked to the booth Normant, we sincerely appreciate the profound Normant is a step by step how to grow and develop!
In the presentation, we learned Normant Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is a set design, production, research and development, agents, and maintenance and processing as one of the digital printing company, mainly engaged in the project are polyester fiber, polyester , cotton and other fabrics digital printing and proofing production; specializes in selling imported thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer paper, digital printing processing and sales agents various types of digital printing machine, heat transfer machine. Such as the sales agent in Japan Muto, EPSON, MIMAKI thermal transfer printers, thermal transfer equipment, ink INKTEC Korea, Italy JTECK ink, thermal transfer paper business; specialized in the sales of various thermal products. Over the years, Normant constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology achievements in product development and technological innovation, always walk in the forefront of the market, more importantly, creatively fill the gaps in the field of application, and its unique high-quality professional counseling and full technical service, to provide users with professional heat transfer equipment, digital printing technology-stop solution! Stop equipment supplies sales, trying to make more customers and individual businesses get more business opportunities demand.
In the exhibition site, Liu said Normant achieved very good results exhibitors, turnover is also very good. Among the exhibits UV injection machines, printers and high-speed digital printing machine cotton DI get a lot of customer recognition. Wherein the cotton market is a combination of a direct injection engine innovation and breakthrough in existing gaps based on the original machine.
Discussion customer choice in equipment and printing machine direction of the advantages confident Normant products, Liu said:
First, we as a leading supplier of digital printing equipment, first of all we have 10 years of experience in printing, the ability to print large quantities of processing; printing plant covers an area of ​​over 3000 square meters, with the most advanced printing and processing equipment more than 30 Taiwan, printed cloth 5, production amounted to tens of meters, is relatively complete digital printing equipment factory.
Second, the quality in line with European export standards, quality and excellence; ink printing material has been used in Korea and Italy ink, the products meet international quality certification through SGS certification, printing products bright colors, rich lifelike, high-definition not faded, green.
Third, we have a wealth of expertise is the basis for quality assurance; quality from professional, Normant intention to create exclusive your printing products, your brand to us, we will try our best, due diligence, to the most good, superb printing technology is the guarantee that your confidence.
Fourth, timely delivery, quality and quantity; immediately once the single production, fast delivery, quality and stability, to ensure the safety and professional manufacturers shipping logistics company, guaranteed time, more timely delivery, product quantity, quality and more Guarantee.
Fifth, the perfect after-sale system, and enjoy one-stop service. ① training support: the company from management training to support industry technology, comprehensive technical training, management training, experience training, color management training, allow customers to become expert. ② Service Support: multi-directional guidance to help customers from a variety of problems encountered in the production, worry-free pre-sale service system, to provide "free lifelong training service" for each customer. Let you experience problems at any time, we can be the first time for you to solve your peace of mind.
Then, when it comes to the company's business, Liu explains, the main customer base is the domestic and export aspects of products are exported to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe and other countries or regions. Products pass the SGS, TUV and other institutions testing, fully meet international environmental standards. To develop a win-win marketing policies and programs to provide more valuable products according to changes in customer demand and actual market.
In technological innovation, the company has about fifteen R & D team, in order to promote the development of innovative products to provide customers with comprehensive service and high quality and cost-effective products as the core objective. One on one customer service docking and timely solutions to customer problems, we continue to meet customer requirements, improve customer satisfaction. While business development, the spirit of "excellence, customer first" purpose, actively Normant the product of high quality and low cost as a starting point and direction of development of enterprises as the goal.
Good quality, low price, so that smooth channels of digital Normant rapid development in a short period of time. Also Normant transfer coating technology has reached the international advanced level, color reproduction of the final imaging, surface brightness, coating adhesion and coating hardness has become the industry standard.

Digital printing applications covering garment printing, cloth printing, light industrial products (shoes, hats, boxes, bags, umbrellas, ties) printing, garments attachment material, banner ads, etc ...... ribbon printing transfer technology in the entire field of professional competence on strengthening accumulated many years of experience, he won the majority of new and old customers the support and trust, and strong penetration in the regional market, and to strengthen cooperation with all interested parties between the establishment of mutual win-win business relationship.
"Compared with their peers, we have more advantages, such as: First, the quality of our products on the market than the product quality is better; Second, product varieties more complete; Third, the product delivery faster and more timely; four , sales staff, service personnel, quality inspection staff attitude is extremely serious and responsible. overall, we have advantages in product quality with the price is very obvious. "this is Mr. Liu to a printing industry confidence.
Any product, regardless of how changes in appearance, how to update the product, will never change is the "quality assurance"! This is Normant years adhere to the core values ​​and deemed viable business concept. "Quality, speed, cost" cost is a measure of the "golden triangle", and the products are perfect Normant presented in these three areas.
Mr. Liu said, "the market environment is constantly changing, as a mature business, there must be a way to deal with this change in the market is fair, at the same time you encounter stress, your competitors certainly encountered the same pressure. in the case of identical, seemingly competitive environment for our businesses to these words, perhaps a chance to go beyond, because in this situation, the test is the internal strength and strength. on the one hand, we expand business channels, we need to spare effort in improving service quality and expand the scale of marketing and other aspects. on the other hand, through online and offline sales channels combined. online by participating in the exhibition to show our product out through the network and media outreach network dedicated team to promote the product. "
Subsequently, Mr. Liu showed reporters Normant of the exhibits, and said it will be more confident. Step by step, Strict product quality and service, so that the development of Normant more smoothly. I believe that with good product quality and after-sales service, coupled with constant innovation, daring and pioneering spirit of the enterprise market, Normant will develop more and more to grow!

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