Monday, 25 July 2016

plastisol ink

Method 1st:
1. Printing with the clear plastisol ink for 3~4 times (3-4 scrapes per time)
2. Printing again with colored plastisol ink for 2 times(3-4 scrapes per time)
3. Baking for 1~3 minutes under 150~180℃ to dry it.
4. Finish.
Method 2nd:
1. Mixing clear plastisol ink 50% with colored plastsiol ink 50%.
2. Printing for 4~5 times(3-4 scrapes per time)
3. Baking for 1~3 minutes with 145~165℃ to dry it fast.
4. Finish.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Active discharge printing paste (colored discharge)

Product Description

Product nameActive discharge printing paste (colored discharge)
Storage6 months in cool place
ApplicationSuitable for knitting which dyed with active pigment
Features1. High fastness
2. Brilliant for colored discharge, better effect than Italian products.
3. High softness
4. SGS detecting passed, no PVC, no heavy metal, no NPEOs.
Mix proportionDischarge printing paste 85-95% + discharge powder 5-8%
Printing process1.Mixing discharge powder, discharge printing paste, pigment and stirring them evenly.
2.Printing for 1 time (3-4 scrapes per time).
3.Baking for 1-3 minutes or hot pressing for 10 seconds under 160-180℃ (within 5-30 minutes after printing).
Attentions1. The pigment is max 12%.
2. Please use up the discharge printing pastes which already mixed with discharge powder, otherwise it’ll be not stable for the effect.
3. Don’t put the knit discharge powder together with the jean discharge powder, otherwise it’ll be on fire.
4. For colored discharge, please mix the discharge printing paste and pigment firstly, then add the discharge powder.
65 (2) 65 (5) 65 (7)

65 (8)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Preparation of pigment printing paste

Last added paint type: mixed binder and emulsifier, then adding a crosslinking agent (if the adhesive is a self-crosslinking, not to add a crosslinking agent) and finally paint.
Now modulation operation pigment printing paste for example as follows (added last coating type)
To ensure the accuracy of the modulation printing paste, reduce weighing errors, convenient operation, first aid related paint pigment printing paste made of basic paste.
A 40kg emulsified paste
Thickeners Alcoprint PTF 2kg
Softener Luprimol SIG 0.5kg
Ammonia 0.5kg
Adhesive Vinamul 32300 12kg
Water 45kg
Synthesis l00kg
Action: The prepared paste scrub clean the container after the emulsion paste A, 32300 adhesive and water poured, start mixer, after stir slowly added thickener PTF, to be stirred until homogeneous softener, ammonia, stir after placing spare.
A water or emulsified paste paint paste synthetic fundamental
Discretionary% (1002 a discretionary) jump
Action: First scrub clean the pulp container, and then release the paint in the container basic paste; accurate weighing required to paint, pour paint have already set basic paste container; water or emulsified paste A weighed Coatings weighing barrel washing, brushing and clean, and the erosion of paint poured paint have already set basic paste container; agitator to stir, filter placed aside.