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What are the pure cotton cloth dyeing process?

What are the pure cotton cloth dyeing process?
1 Dyeing process: room temperature - adding leveling agent - adding dye - running 20 minutes - sub-two salt dyed - running 20 minutes - warming to 60 ℃ - two additional alkaline fixation - running 30 to 60 minutes - Draining - washing - pickling - soaping - washing - fixing - soft - dehydration - drying

What are the pure cotton cloth dyeing process?

2 dyeing process prescription:
Reactive Red B-2BF (%, owf) 0.326%
Reactive Yellow B-4RF (%, owf) 0.452%
Reactive Blue B-2GLN (%, owf) 0.146%
Chelating dispersant (g / L) 1.5
Yuan Mingfen (g / L) 40
Soda ash (g / L) 10
3 dyeing process conditions:
Dyeing temperature 60 ℃
Dyeing time 40min
Fixing temperature 60 ℃
Fixing time 60min
Bath ratio 1:10

Monday, 4 December 2017

printing ink and overprint varnish formulations

Emulsion (resin), titanium dioxide, dispersant, anti-sealant agent, thickener; latex solids content of about 50% of 65%, 30% titanium dioxide, the other is an additive, mortar resin performance is critical, , Flexible, surface viscosity, so generally need to add 3-5% anti-adhesive.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hero and stay step nomant

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fast learning how to use plastisol ink


WATER BASED PIGMENT INKS September 15, 2017 admin ink usage process Leave a comment Product name Pigment State Liquid Packing 30KG/drum Storage 6 months in cool place Application Suitable for textile printing Features 1. High fastness 2. SGS detecting passed, no PVC, no heavy metal, no NPEOs Mix proportion Max 12% Printing process 1. Mixing white paste ,clear paste, stirring them evenly, then add the pigment FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Monday, 4 September 2017

Plastisol inks can be printed on many items that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink adhesion.

Plastisol inks can be printed on many items that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink adhesion. Plastisol ink is a PVC-based industrial coating for screen printing cotton, polyester, nylon, Lycra®, and Spandex®. Plastisol ink can be specially formulated for each of these fabrics as one ink is rarely the best option for all fabrics. One Stroke Inks offers numerous formulations for every fabric as the needs of screen printers is constantly changing. One Stroke Inks is also developing PVC-free plastisol screen printing ink as many clothing companies have begun requesting PVC-free products. Although most properties of PVC-based ink and PVC-free ink are the same, the latter will have a shelf life. Enviromax Series is our best offering for PVC-free screen printing ink.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

International authority intercolor released 2018 spring / summer international trend color trend forecast Shanghai catch the most dazzling color wind

2018 international fashion color latest forecast      The degree of civilization is embodied in many aspects, the style of the city, the people's style, a building, a piece of clothing can not only reflect the value of the material itself, but also pass the spirit of material pursuit and cultural value, and color Is the best carrier of spiritual pursuit and cultural value - Sun Ruizhe, vice president of China Textile Industry Association       107 session of the International Popularity Committee summit, in the fashion industry, popular color industry-related expectations of the industry, on May 26 in Shanghai, China Fudan Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom, opened the concept of 2018 international color trends Looking ahead.      From the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Finland, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, France, China, South Korea, the United States and other countries have stated their inspiration for the color proposal for this summit.      Next, let us follow these international popular color trends on behalf of members, leading everyone into a future of the global fashion color tour ... ... (Note, the picture for some countries to speak on behalf of the scene)
Lan Vu, michael nolte speaks on behalf of the United States Our new season's fashion inspiration comes from three differences. First, the difference between the sex becomes smaller, the psychological differences between men and women close to each other, more and more obvious style of neutral. Second, the fashion industry began to challenge the traditional concept, it was suggested that there is no concept of fashion season, such as Brazil in the southern hemisphere and the northern season is the opposite, emphasizing the season is meaningless. Third, the influence of age weakened, in the past through different ages to judge people's characteristics, and this trend is weakening. Kahoru Ohsawa speaks on behalf of Japan We propose four color groups, the title involved in the spring of 2018 and the summer trend of Japanese fashion, the theme is "the rhythm of life." First, the progress of machine technology, accelerated people's attention to the mysterious life. Second, involving the design concept, we need to improve the attention of the living. Third, the moment standing on the impact of human history on the earth, we need to test their own, what is the real happiness? Fourth, if the above views are recognized, the function in the field of fashion will become more important. Joanna Bowring, Chairman of the International Celebration Committee, speaks on behalf of the United Kingdom Slow world, slow life, slow breathing. Let's take a look and look at this fresh world and think about every moment of human existence in the world, which is energetic, passionate and time-consuming, and can not be done in a hurry. Let's slow down and breathe calmly. Eyes on zhe sky, the theme is to use the camera to shoot the climate, according to weather changes, shooting once every hour, and finally show the drawing. The picture is inspired by the atmospheric compression of the earth, compressed into the entity, which means that people can have the sun and the sky, which tells us to have a slow life, you can take the time to create, to create unexpected depth and beauty OlivierGuillemin speaks on behalf of France My source of inspiration is a story about the wind, the breeze and the solar wind, and also about the green story, representing the clean and renewable energy. The concept of new energy, put into the scene of art, which is one of the sources of inspiration from the French color council. Now the world needs to blow a new color of the wind, we can do a lot of things in it, about the wind, about the breeze, about the solar wind. Of course, there are many problems with the world we live in, but the French color councils believe that we will use the elements of these climates to bring richer colors to the earth.
Vittorio Giomo and Ornella Bignami speak on behalf of Italy Nature is very greedy to the color, we see all the colors in nature have changed, but the premise is to change the climatic conditions. The phenomenon shows itself a spectacular force in nature, such as the northern lights, where the magnetic field and the suspended matter will light the Arctic scenery. Color and material, the natural factors in which play a role, the light changes the surface of the material, often produce some amazing results. It shows a series of possible opportunities, will produce new technology, this creative ability, will allow people to increase mutual understanding and exchange. NielsHolger Wien speaks on behalf of Germany One of the main priorities of our present spirit is to change, and I want to achieve it through digital challenges. That's why we see my title called "Digital Life" and introduce four inspirational discoveries that could broaden the color outlook for digital life. If people from the touch and visual to find digital content, with their own hands to touch all this, the world will be like? A Dutch designer's work, will touch the digital design, let us in a digital imagination, you can imagine what it feels like, this may be the future direction of communication.
Zhao Xia on behalf of China to speak We are very honored to be able to conduct 2018 countries in China color trend of the proposal, my theme is - 2018 table and the situation. In fact the human face is very rich, but we are not the same heart? Table and the situation is not consistent in many times, our hearts like runaway Mustang has been exiled, the heart often to the outside world to obtain, it makes it difficult to stop the cable to the opposite. Our color is mapped in the contrast state of the table and the situation. Color is not what we see as a symbol of color, but a deeper spiritual expression, we need to find the real answer in the contradiction.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Multi-purpose screen printing ink for paper and cardboard, rigid and soft PVC, PVC artificial leather, acrylics, polycarbonate and pre-treated polyester

Series pad / screen printing ink is a specialized, excellent-adhesion 1- or 2-component flexible ink for rubber, rubber-like or soft-touch surfaces. This series’ unique elasticity, high gloss and opacity make it the ideal choice for printing on items such as stress balls, rubberized pens, Crocs, soft-touch travel mugs, koozies, can coolers, simulated leather and vinyl items as well as other flexible or coated products. Like all Sapphire® series, SB complies with European EN 71 Toy Safety standard and California Proposition 65.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Since the "war wolf 2" release, Wu Jing this piece became a burst of money!

Read the "war wolf 2", for a long time did not see such a burning blood to the bones of the film, and Wu Jing wearing camouflage uniform blood boiling, playing really hot, burning burst, instantly full of pride and admiration for Chinese soldiers.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Traditional handmade plastisol ink and scientific and technological innovation blending, Agnona2018 early spring series fashion catalog

Italian fashion brand Agnona (Aino Yi) release 2018 early spring vacation series LookBook. Natural and beautiful, stylish and elegant, traditional handmade and technological innovation! These elements constitute an inner luxury, it goes beyond the external, exudes a unique and introverted temperament, elegant and low-key. The most precious fiber, only the combination of real nature, continue to introduce new style, only more precious. For this reason, Agnona will be high-tech and "Made in Italy" traditional handicraft "marriage", with elegant and simple lines, gentle texture and uncompromising attention to detail, to create an elegant and modern brand style. In fact, every detail of the design are all aesthetic value, to bring unforgettable elegance! In the choice of color, Agnona respect and respect the natural color. It is white and all the earth color-based color, while the relentless pursuit of the perfect tone, the deployment of a surprising new color to enrich the "palette." The obsession with style innovation is the hallmark of the whole Agnona world: it is seen from Agnona knitwear - Agnona series of knitwear (such as infinite charming dress and wild clothes, of course, there are accessories and home series) , Always interpretation of a variety of unexpected changes in the novel.

screen prining & industrial Inkjet Printing Expo China 2017 Digital textile & personal Taior Expo

On the 21st of November 2017, the “2017 China (Guangzhou) International Screen Printing Digital Printing Co., Ltd. hosted by the Hong Kong Guangdong Exhibition Group, Guangzhou Yue Exhibition Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Special Printing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Exhibition & 2017 China (Guangzhou) Fashion Digital Textile & Personalization Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: 2017SDPE & DPTC) will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Fair grand opening. As the industry recognized brand exhibition, 2017SDPE & DPTC investment work will be started by the majority of the industry’s attention and support, the current booth is scheduled to work fiercely. In the Chinese economy into a new normal when the time, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation. This round of China’s economy into the new normal entrepreneurial tide, in essence, is to advocate the Chinese economy from factor-driven to innovation-driven change. In the external environment pressure and the dual role of endogenous demand, screen printing digital printing small and medium enterprises must change the strategy to achieve innovation and development. So, digital printing and personalized customization is the inevitable trend of industry development. The theme of this exhibition is “flower decoration industry, no print”, intelligent production, personal customization, “personalized +” has become the biggest surprise. The scene will show a lot of “black technology”: 3D intelligent digital machine on-site printing all kinds of personalized custom products; intelligent cutting dozens of seconds will cut the fabric, and then quickly “assembly” into the assembly line; enter the waist, hip and other data , Clothing printer can be on the spot “print” out of a personalized shirt, automation, modular, fine production greatly improve the production efficiency of clothing. Audience site experience independent private design T-shirts, sent to exhibitors immediately print, stand and so desirable. Exhibition area will reach 40,000 square meters, is expected to attract more than 600 domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors to show personalized custom clothing, smart clothing, digital printing, wide Penma printing, flat screen printing, silk screen printing, textile printing , Universal printing, digital imaging, 3D printing and other fields of new products, new technologies and new applications, from around the world more than 30,000 professional audience presents the most fashionable, the most modern complete solution. For domestic and foreign screen printing, textile printing, digital printing and special printing businessmen to build the best exchanges and cooperation platform. 2017 exhibition to broaden the channels of publicity, from the local point to the regional coverage, from the kind of publicity to the network promotion, both in breadth or depth will be greatly enhanced, and focus on technology and market integration. Organizing Committee strives to create a professional brand of global characteristics, for the major exhibitors to open up the market to provide a best international trade promotion and trading platform!59001efa0b4ca(1)

water-based Acrylic white latex glue for Furniture BOPP/PET film paper plastic adhesive/ super glue

water-based Acrylic white latex glue for Furniture BOPP/PET film paper plastic adhesive/ super glue An attractive, well-designed consumer package or shipping package can’t do its job if it won’t stay closed. That’s why packaging adhesive is so important—no box is complete without good glue. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the adhesive market for so many years, Nomant has developed a set of criteria for packaging adhesive that every company involved in packaged products should consult. When we sit down with a client to talk about needs, we ask the right kinds of questions so that our clients walk away with the packaging adhesive that suits the specialized needs of their package. At Nomant, it is always function over form. We make sure that the adhesive we provide to our customers can handle the weight it must carry, survive the bumps of travel and weather the various temperatures that a package faces as it travels to the end destination. Durability is paramount and that’s what customers get when they buy packaging adhesive from Nomant. Detailed . 1.Type: water-based 2.Appearance: milky white liquid 3.Curing agent: Brown 4.viscosity: 8000-10000CPS 5.The value of PH: 6.5-8.5 6.Solid content: 30-50% Properties • Initial adhesion (ball No.)≥ 16, adhesion ≥24 hours, peeling strength (N/25mm)≥6.0, three force balanced, it has excellent property of pressure sensitive. • Good liquidity, suitable for high speed coating. • It is stable under normal storage, does not become yellow and viscous, easy-using How to use ? 1) Drying tunnel temperature must under circumstance of temperature 80~110 Centigrade, make glue come out from drying tunnel showed transparent. 2) It is easy to introduce impurities in storage time and using. Before using, it will be better filtrating by 40-60 mesh nylon. 3) Not allow to mix with other glue or impregnant, if it is necessary, please test first. 4) It had adjusted adhesion accord with arts and crafts manufacturing, if it is necessary, please diluted by cleaning water, but it will affect the time of dryness. 5) The rest glue must be tightly sealed in order to prevent surface from skinning and caking. After using, the tools must be immersed by water as soon as possible.

Why use Nomant Industrial screen printing inks?

Company detail Established in 2002, NOMANT INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. located in Dongguan City Guangdong Province and have convenient transportation access ,is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D and selling oil based plastisol ink /paste and water based printing Ink/paste (Cotton Ink/cotton paste, Jean Ink/paste, Swimsuit Ink/paste, Bronzing Ink/paste, Foil ink/paste, Flocking Ink/paste, Discharge Ink/paste, Puff Ink/paste, Silicone Ink/paste, Cracking Ink/paste, Burnt-out Ink/paste, Nylon Ink/paste, Sublimation Ink /paste ,etc). Its brand NOMANT is famous home and abroad ,has win a great deal of clients from USA ,India,PK, Middle east, Bangladesh, Russia, Africa and so on.She is the only one parner of the Shanghai world expo in this film,and become the first one member of the CCTV in China (the most authoritative media ) among the printing material film. We own the most advanced lab funded by our country ,and the most advantced self-autometic respect machine in this film.From the resin to the paste and ink ,all produce by ourslves,and all the products have passed SGS,ISO9001,ISO2000. Product name water based printing paste Packing 25KG/drum for white, 20KG/drum for clear Application Suitable for waterproof fabric, mercerized cotton, nylon, TPU, PU etc. Features 1. High elasticity 2. Extra fastness 3. SGS detecting passed, no PVC, no heavy metal, no NPEOs Mix proportion Light: White printing paste 70-80% + Clear printing paste 20-30% + pigment ?% Deep: White printing paste 20-30% + Clear printing paste 70-80% + pigment ?% Attentions 1. Please drying paste surface with cold air each time before re-printing. 2. The pigment is max 12%, otherwise it’ll be easily faded. Printing process 1. Printing with clear printing paste for 1-2 times 2. Mixing with white printing paste, clear printing paste, pigment and stirring them evenly. 3. Printing again for 3-4 times (3-4 scrapes per time). 4. Drying it in room temperature, or baking for 1-3 minutes under 150-180℃ 5. Finish.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Where to buy plastisol screen printing inks?

Good morning! I am also in the market for PVC free & Phthalate-free inks. is lancer and union/liberty the only ones out there that have it? I work at a high volume print shop and if we switch over 100% we would be going through a lot of inks. Do these companies provide ink dispencing machines?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to make the plastisol ink at right angle printing is much faster and faster

1, the ink is slightly thick to the best use of a special right angle thick plate ink, so to avoid the ink in the barbecue before the collapse of the surrounding; 2, scraping India to control the intensity of the screen to a little bit of ink to stay a little bit as well; 3, printing heat solid soft board than the hard board is much easier; 4, use right angle sharp scraper; 5, the appropriate screen thickness, but too thick will guide the printed products are not fine. I plant specializing in the production of true sense of the low temperature thermosetting ink. Walk out of the dryer can be a rapid surface dry [cloth is not broken], three-dimensional effect of 135 degrees [the actual temperature] fully cured, greatly saving the cost of electricity and reduce the printing materials, such as accommodation discoloration and other undesirable phenomena. With right-angle thick plate can be quickly printed knife-like right angle three-dimensional effect. Rounded corners transparent, a variety of color, color ink. Thinner, matte agent, foaming agent. Thickening powder and other thermosetting special additives. Manufacturers directly supply close to the price
of mortar. At the same time for peer friends to answer hot solid ink problems.