Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to make the plastisol ink at right angle printing is much faster and faster

1, the ink is slightly thick to the best use of a special right angle thick plate ink, so to avoid the ink in the barbecue before the collapse of the surrounding; 2, scraping India to control the intensity of the screen to a little bit of ink to stay a little bit as well; 3, printing heat solid soft board than the hard board is much easier; 4, use right angle sharp scraper; 5, the appropriate screen thickness, but too thick will guide the printed products are not fine. I plant specializing in the production of true sense of the low temperature thermosetting ink. Walk out of the dryer can be a rapid surface dry [cloth is not broken], three-dimensional effect of 135 degrees [the actual temperature] fully cured, greatly saving the cost of electricity and reduce the printing materials, such as accommodation discoloration and other undesirable phenomena. With right-angle thick plate can be quickly printed knife-like right angle three-dimensional effect. Rounded corners transparent, a variety of color, color ink. Thinner, matte agent, foaming agent. Thickening powder and other thermosetting special additives. Manufacturers directly supply close to the price
of mortar. At the same time for peer friends to answer hot solid ink problems.

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