Thursday, 31 August 2017

International authority intercolor released 2018 spring / summer international trend color trend forecast Shanghai catch the most dazzling color wind

2018 international fashion color latest forecast      The degree of civilization is embodied in many aspects, the style of the city, the people's style, a building, a piece of clothing can not only reflect the value of the material itself, but also pass the spirit of material pursuit and cultural value, and color Is the best carrier of spiritual pursuit and cultural value - Sun Ruizhe, vice president of China Textile Industry Association       107 session of the International Popularity Committee summit, in the fashion industry, popular color industry-related expectations of the industry, on May 26 in Shanghai, China Fudan Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom, opened the concept of 2018 international color trends Looking ahead.      From the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Finland, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, France, China, South Korea, the United States and other countries have stated their inspiration for the color proposal for this summit.      Next, let us follow these international popular color trends on behalf of members, leading everyone into a future of the global fashion color tour ... ... (Note, the picture for some countries to speak on behalf of the scene)
Lan Vu, michael nolte speaks on behalf of the United States Our new season's fashion inspiration comes from three differences. First, the difference between the sex becomes smaller, the psychological differences between men and women close to each other, more and more obvious style of neutral. Second, the fashion industry began to challenge the traditional concept, it was suggested that there is no concept of fashion season, such as Brazil in the southern hemisphere and the northern season is the opposite, emphasizing the season is meaningless. Third, the influence of age weakened, in the past through different ages to judge people's characteristics, and this trend is weakening. Kahoru Ohsawa speaks on behalf of Japan We propose four color groups, the title involved in the spring of 2018 and the summer trend of Japanese fashion, the theme is "the rhythm of life." First, the progress of machine technology, accelerated people's attention to the mysterious life. Second, involving the design concept, we need to improve the attention of the living. Third, the moment standing on the impact of human history on the earth, we need to test their own, what is the real happiness? Fourth, if the above views are recognized, the function in the field of fashion will become more important. Joanna Bowring, Chairman of the International Celebration Committee, speaks on behalf of the United Kingdom Slow world, slow life, slow breathing. Let's take a look and look at this fresh world and think about every moment of human existence in the world, which is energetic, passionate and time-consuming, and can not be done in a hurry. Let's slow down and breathe calmly. Eyes on zhe sky, the theme is to use the camera to shoot the climate, according to weather changes, shooting once every hour, and finally show the drawing. The picture is inspired by the atmospheric compression of the earth, compressed into the entity, which means that people can have the sun and the sky, which tells us to have a slow life, you can take the time to create, to create unexpected depth and beauty OlivierGuillemin speaks on behalf of France My source of inspiration is a story about the wind, the breeze and the solar wind, and also about the green story, representing the clean and renewable energy. The concept of new energy, put into the scene of art, which is one of the sources of inspiration from the French color council. Now the world needs to blow a new color of the wind, we can do a lot of things in it, about the wind, about the breeze, about the solar wind. Of course, there are many problems with the world we live in, but the French color councils believe that we will use the elements of these climates to bring richer colors to the earth.
Vittorio Giomo and Ornella Bignami speak on behalf of Italy Nature is very greedy to the color, we see all the colors in nature have changed, but the premise is to change the climatic conditions. The phenomenon shows itself a spectacular force in nature, such as the northern lights, where the magnetic field and the suspended matter will light the Arctic scenery. Color and material, the natural factors in which play a role, the light changes the surface of the material, often produce some amazing results. It shows a series of possible opportunities, will produce new technology, this creative ability, will allow people to increase mutual understanding and exchange. NielsHolger Wien speaks on behalf of Germany One of the main priorities of our present spirit is to change, and I want to achieve it through digital challenges. That's why we see my title called "Digital Life" and introduce four inspirational discoveries that could broaden the color outlook for digital life. If people from the touch and visual to find digital content, with their own hands to touch all this, the world will be like? A Dutch designer's work, will touch the digital design, let us in a digital imagination, you can imagine what it feels like, this may be the future direction of communication.
Zhao Xia on behalf of China to speak We are very honored to be able to conduct 2018 countries in China color trend of the proposal, my theme is - 2018 table and the situation. In fact the human face is very rich, but we are not the same heart? Table and the situation is not consistent in many times, our hearts like runaway Mustang has been exiled, the heart often to the outside world to obtain, it makes it difficult to stop the cable to the opposite. Our color is mapped in the contrast state of the table and the situation. Color is not what we see as a symbol of color, but a deeper spiritual expression, we need to find the real answer in the contradiction.

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