Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Traditional handmade plastisol ink and scientific and technological innovation blending, Agnona2018 early spring series fashion catalog

Italian fashion brand Agnona (Aino Yi) release 2018 early spring vacation series LookBook. Natural and beautiful, stylish and elegant, traditional handmade and technological innovation! These elements constitute an inner luxury, it goes beyond the external, exudes a unique and introverted temperament, elegant and low-key. The most precious fiber, only the combination of real nature, continue to introduce new style, only more precious. For this reason, Agnona will be high-tech and "Made in Italy" traditional handicraft "marriage", with elegant and simple lines, gentle texture and uncompromising attention to detail, to create an elegant and modern brand style. In fact, every detail of the design are all aesthetic value, to bring unforgettable elegance! In the choice of color, Agnona respect and respect the natural color. It is white and all the earth color-based color, while the relentless pursuit of the perfect tone, the deployment of a surprising new color to enrich the "palette." The obsession with style innovation is the hallmark of the whole Agnona world: it is seen from Agnona knitwear - Agnona series of knitwear (such as infinite charming dress and wild clothes, of course, there are accessories and home series) , Always interpretation of a variety of unexpected changes in the novel.

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