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PEVA White Glue For Wood / Paper / Fabric / Decoration

Quick Details
CAS No.:
Other Names:
Hot Melt Adhesive
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Volatile Solvent Adhesives
Main Raw Material:
Fiber & Garment, Footwear & Leather, Packing, Transportation, Woodworking
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Liquid Glue
light yellow
white glue
Product name:
PEVA white glue for wood / paper / fabric / decoration
Shelf life:
24 Months
wood paper cloths
Light Yellow Thick Liquid
PEVA white glue for wood
SupplyAbility:10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details25KG/50kG/200KG drums packing
opp bags insidePortguangzhouLead Time :within 3 days after we get payments
Product Details

Hot Sale Water Base White Latex Glue /PVAC Glue For Wood

oduct Description 
Water based PVAC emulsion glue is polymerized by special polymerization technology with various kinds of special monomers. Moreover, it is excellent for stain resistance, adhesion, high viscosity, good stability.
Product Application
Mainly used in adhesion for wood, board and used in textile or handicraft. It is very wide application.
Product Character
1. Excellent for stain resistance.
2. Excellent stability.
3. Excellent adhesion.
4. High viscosity.
5. With SGS report support.
Product Parameters
Main Component VAM ,PVAC, CAE
Viscosity 50000-80000mpa.s
Appearance Light yellow emulsion
Solidifying Time (20°C)90-120min
Solid Content,%  38%-48%
Compression Shear  Strength(Dry)
≥ 11.2Mpa  PH Value
5-8  Compression Shear
Strength(Wet)  ≥ 4.5Mpa
Suggested Amount for Application   150-200g/m2
Proportion of Hardener   8%-12%
Water Resistance
The adhered boards keep stable after immersing in 102°C boiled water for 8 hours. The adhered boards also keep stable after immersing in water in normal temperature for 240 hours

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Tips for improving the quality of bronzing

Tips for improving the quality of bronzing

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With the improvement of the national economy and the development of the printing and packaging industry, people are required to package products: high-grade, exquisite, environmentally friendly and personalized. In the post-press processing of packaged products, the electro-aluminized hot stamping process has been loved by people for its unique surface finishing effect, and is applied in high-end packaging such as banknotes, cigarette labels, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Electro-aluminum hot stamping refers to hot stamping, hot silver and other hot stamping materials. For the sake of convenience, the following hot stamping is called electro-aluminum hot stamping. Hot stamping mainly has two functions, one is the surface decoration, which increases the added value of the product. Hobbies and glory are the national traditions of China, and the combination of bronzing and embossing techniques to show their luxury; second, to give products a high anti-counterfeiting performance, using holographic positioning hot stamping trademark logo, anti-counterfeiting, insurance brand. At the same time, bronzing is very capable of expressing the individuality of the product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, many high-end packaging are using the bronzing process, so how to improve the quality of bronzing? This article will discuss the following aspects.

First, the hot stamping version of the high quality bronzing version is the primary factor to ensure the quality of bronzing

At present, the gilding plate is mainly made of photographic etching process and electronic engraving technology, and the material is commonly used in copper plate or zinc plate. The copper plate is fine, the surface finish and heat transfer effect are better than the zinc plate. The high-quality copper plate can improve the gloss and contour definition of the bronzing. The traditional photographic corrosion technology produces a bronzing plate with simple process and low cost. It is mainly used for text, thick lines and general images. For the finer, uneven image thickness, the bronzing plate needs to use the second bad depth or adopt electric carving technology. The electric gilding version can express rich and delicate layer changes, greatly expanding the packaging performance ability. This process is conducive to environmental protection, but the investment in electric carving equipment is relatively large. At present, the depth of engraving is not ideal enough, which is easy to cause bronzing. The holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping plate has high technical requirements. It was mainly produced in Taiwan or abroad, and the plate making cycle is long. It is only used for the packaging of fixed and bulk products. At present, there are several units in Shanxi Yuncheng, Beijing and Shanghai that can be produced.

Second, bronzing equipment "Workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools"

The selection of bronzing equipment is a key factor in determining the quality of bronzing. The sheet-fed stamping machine has three types of flat flattening, round flattening and round pressing. The most widely used ones are flat-pressing machines, mainly including: Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. TYM series die-cutting hot stamping two Machine, Tangshan Yuyin Group's TYMl020 automatic bronzing die-cutting machine, Tianjin Youheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. MK series automatic bronzing die-cutting machine, the maximum bronzing speed is 5000 hours. Germany Stokes FOLLJET FBRl04 type bronzing machine is a circular press representative, using the design concept of offset press, the maximum hot stamping speed can reach 10,000 hours, is currently the fastest single sheet bronzing equipment in the world. The three embossing methods of round pressing, round pressing and flat pressing have their advantages and disadvantages: round pressing, round pressing and hot stamping are line pressure, the total pressure is small, and the pressure is easily completed with relatively small pressure. Large-area hot stamping, smooth movement, and round and round production efficiency is high, especially suitable for large-volume hot stamping, but because the copper plate arc surface processing is more difficult, the production cost is higher, the heating roller is also more difficult than the plane heating. The flat pressing operation is flexible and convenient, and is suitable for short-run products. Compared with imported bronzing equipment, domestic bronzing equipment has obvious advantages in performance and price. The price of domestically produced machine is only equivalent to the price of similar foreign products, l5~14, but the precision, stability and function of imported machine are obviously better than domestically produced. The machine is also more durable than the domestic machine, and is more suitable for processing fixed-package high-end packaging products. Therefore, product type and batch size are the key to determining the selection of hot stamping equipment. Whether you have BOBST and other high-end stamping die-cutting equipment has become the preferred condition for customers in the industry.

Third, bronzing fitness

The so-called bronzing suitability refers to the choice of the type of anodized aluminum and the matching of bronzing speed, temperature, pressure and other factors. In the case of fixed hardware such as equipment, correct understanding of bronzing suitability is the most important means to improve the quality of bronzing. The following is an analysis of some of the quality problems reflected in the actual operation, in order to scientifically grasp the hot stamping suitability.

1. Hot stamping is not possible or hot stamping is not related to the surface characteristics of the printed matter, the nature of the electrochemical aluminum, hot stamping temperature and pressure.

There are too many powders on the surface of the printing surface or additives such as detacking agents and brightening paste on the surface, which will hinder the adsorption of the anodized aluminum and the paper. Solution: Surface de-powder treatment or solution in the printing process. Improper selection of anodized aluminum directly affects the bronzing fastness. According to the size of the bronzing area, the type of the electroplated material should be considered comprehensively. The domestically produced anodized aluminum is mainly the Peacock brand series produced by Shanghai Shenyong Hot Stamping Material Co., Ltd. The imported electro-aluminized aluminum is mainly the PM and LK series of Kurz, Germany, the A, K, H series of Japan, and the SP series of KOLON of South Korea. According to our practice and testing, the electrification of aluminum can mainly refer to the following classifications: bronzing anodized aluminum on common products has 88-1 type, KURZ PM type; cigarettes, cosmetics and other thick ink prints (including gold, silver) The bronzing anodized aluminum has 88-2 type; the aluminum alloy with fine handwriting and hot stamping such as cigarette label and cosmetic packaging has 88-3, 88-4 type, PM288, etc.; paper suitable for OPP or PET lamination and UV ink The products of cardboard, glazing paper and other products are hot stamped with aluminum alloys such as 88-4, K series, LK series and SP series. The bronzing equipment and the matching between the pressing time and the hot stamping temperature are not properly grasped, which affects the hot stamping fastness and the sharpness of the graphic outline. Due to the different materials and hot stamping materials, the hot pressing time and hot stamping temperature are not the same. For example, the high-speed circular pressing machine is fast, the embossing line is in contact, and the hot stamping temperature is higher than the round flat or flat flat. Under normal circumstances, the round stamping temperature is 190 ° C ~ 220 ° C, the round flat is about 130 ° C ~ 150 ° C, flat pressure is about 100 ° C ~ 120 ° C. Of course, the hot pressing time, hot stamping temperature and production efficiency are also largely restricted by the transfer performance of the electrochemical aluminum.

2. Reverse pulling and pulling is to remove the printing ink or the varnish of the printing after the hot stamping. The main reason is that the ink on the surface of the printed product is not dried or the UV treatment on the surface of the printed product is improperly processed, resulting in poor bonding of the ink on the surface of the printed product and the surface of the UV oil. Solution: After the product is dried, bronze. In addition, an electrochemical aluminum having a low separation force and excellent thermal transferability can be selected.

3. After the paste and hot stamping, the anodized color paste is mainly caused by the poor production of the bronzing plate, the loosening of the electrochemical aluminum or the incorrect operation of the aluminum foil. After hot stamping, the discoloration of anodized aluminum is mainly caused by excessive hot stamping temperature. In addition, the wrinkling of the anodized aluminum is also likely to cause discoloration and discoloration of the hot stamping, which can be solved by appropriately lowering the temperature. For the round flattening machine type, a fan can be installed at the foil feeding position to keep the foil floated, avoiding the enamel before the hot stamping touches the hot stamping version and scorching.

4. The process arrangement is not proper, destroying the gloss of the surface of the electrochemical aluminum, and the outline of the graphic is faint. Hot stamping is required for film processing. People often worry that the gold foil is easy to be wiped off and then hot stamped and then coated. This easily causes:

1 film (especially matt film) will destroy the surface gloss of the electrochemical aluminum, it is not suitable to use water-soluble glue film, otherwise it will cause blackening of the surface of the electrochemical aluminum, and it is easy to cause the gold powder to stick to the edge of the image to cause faint phenomenon.

2 After bronzing, it is dented by pressure, and the glue is not easy to penetrate the surface of the electrochemical aluminum. It is easy to cause the separation of the OPP and the paper at the bronzing and affect the product quality. The correct process is to cover the film and then bronzing, choose the electrochemical aluminum that matches OPP.

In short, there are many factors affecting the quality of bronzing, making high-quality bronzing plates, and correctly grasping the bronzing suitability is the key to improving the quality of bronzing.