Monday, 22 July 2019

What is the clothing gilding in the print?

In the clothing printing, bronzing paper and hot stamping gold paste can be simply understood as bronzing is a small branch of the printing process. They are a post-process of fabric and leather surface treatment. For details, you can go to Dongguan Zijiang Textile to see There are a lot of hot stamping pictures on it. Hot stamping is mainly to achieve the effect of sparkling in the sun, which is not possible with general flat printing. Daily bronzing pattern and printing knowledge
The printing is divided into digital printing, which is also our common large direct-injection printing, and the pre-requisite group of common flat nets and rotary nets is made into a screen version, and the pattern on the screen is printed on the cloth or leather. . The principle of bronzing is similar to this. Simply speaking, the pattern is prefabricated on a plate (commonly intaglio), by applying glue on the plate, and then transferring the gold on the bronzing paper to the cloth according to the pattern of the plate. Just called bronzing, the simple is to understand this.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Digital toner hot stamping is prone to incomplete hot stamping, overprinting machine is not complete solution

Laminator hot stamping solution

    1. The plate is damaged or deformed, which is one of the important reasons for the incompleteness of the digital toner laser printing. Therefore, if the plate is found to be damaged, the plate should be repaired or replaced immediately. The plate is deformed so that the plate does not withstand the applied stamping pressure. The plate should be replaced and the pressure adjusted.

      2. If the gilding paper is cut and conveyed, the gilding paper will be too small when the horizontal cutting is cut or the deviation will be caused when the cutting is performed. The gilding paper will not match the printing plate, and some of the graphic will be exposed. And caused incompleteness. In order to prevent such problems, it should be neat and flat when cutting the hot stamping paper, and the margin size should be appropriately increased.

      3. The improper transfer speed and tightness of the bronzing paper will also cause such a malfunction. The bronzing paper receiving device is loosely displaced, or the winding core and the reel are loosened, the unwinding speed changes, and the tightness of the bronzing paper changes, causing the image position to deviate, resulting in graphic defects. At this time, the winding and unwinding position should be adjusted. If the hot stamping paper is too tight, the pressure of the winding roller and the pulling force of the winding roller should be properly adjusted to ensure proper speed tightness.

      4. The printing plate part moves and falls at the position of the bottom plate, and the pad of the embossing mechanism shifts, so that the normal hot stamping pressure changes, and the unevenness will cause the digital toner to print the hot stamping part of the image. Imprinting is incomplete, such as too light pressure, can increase the pressure.

toner reactive foil

Thursday, 27 June 2019

How to control the quality of bronzing paper and water paste overprinting?

Why do the gold foil paper stick to the water paste printing? Do you know the customer friends? The following is explained by the technicians of the gold foil paper manufacturer, I hope to help you.

1. The combination of hot stamping paper and backing paper is not strong. There is no other way than to replace other brands of hot stamping materials.

2. The solid content of the binder present in the water slurry is too high, which can be solved by reducing the amount of the binder and slightly increasing the amount of the crosslinking agent.
Gold foil paper
3. The ratio of the binder present in the water slurry is unreasonable, that is, the polybutyl acrylate is higher than the poly(ethylene) (or methyl acrylate). This kind of ratio is softer, but the surface of the print will be slightly sticky, so that the temperature will make the adhesive more sticky when bronzing, and the gold foil should be stuck where there should be no gold foil. The dosage form is mixed with a harder binder for 1:1.

The above is all about why the hot stamping paper will stick to the water paste printing. If there is anything you can't understand, you can communicate with our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Antifreeze and water resistant white latex adhesive

Anti-freeze and water-resistant white latex adhesive has the following advantages: (1) The process conditions for the synthesis of the modified glue are easy to control, and the mixed liquid of PVAl788 and 1799 is used to protect the liquid, which greatly improves the stability of the glue and has a long storage period;

2 Due to the addition of the modifier, the water resistance, bond shear strength and frost resistance of the PVAc film are significantly improved;

3 modified glue has good adhesion to a variety of materials, bonding for banquet, can be applied to wood, fiberboard, foam, decorative board leather, paper light carton and packaging binding.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Multicolor powder foil hot stamping paper

Multicolor powder foil hot stamping paper
Product Name: Multi-color powder foil hot stamping paper
Product specifications: 12μ*64cm*120m, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Product standard packaging: 6 rolls / box.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Printed material PU swimsuit high tensile thick plate pulp

Flower material PU material description

    The PU material of printing material is mostly used for nylon, luggage, waterproof fabric and shoe material. It has the characteristics of high fastness, strong stereoscopic effect, high copying rate and no netting.


    1. Make 80-120 mesh mesh of thick plate, if the number of times is lithographic printing, the number of times should be increased;

    2. Print to the required height in sections, printing → drying → printing → drying. The finished product is naturally dried or dried at 100 ° C ~ 120 ° C;

    3. If you need to increase the fastness, you can add the cross-linking agent CX-100 in an appropriate amount. After mixing, stir well. The adjusted slurry needs to be used up the same day.
This product belongs to the glue produced by acrylic modified polyurethane resin. It is a cost-effective product developed according to the requirements of high market demand, high fastness, washable water, good hand feeling, high elasticity and softness. Suitable for all kinds of cotton, T/C cloth.
Printing material
Product introduction ▼
   Ingredients: PUA copolymer, powder, auxiliary.
   Appearance: light blue and white paste
   Ionicity: anion/nonion
   PH value: 6-8
   Viscosity: 60000-80000 cps
   Water solubility: can be diluted with water in any ratio

Thick board product traits ▼

    1. The printing material is non-toxic, non-formaldehyde and APEO, completely environmentally friendly. Meet the European and American environmental requirements.
    2. High elasticity, self-crosslinking at room temperature, soft hand feeling and excellent washing fastness.
    3. No netting, no anti-sticking, high gloss, strong stereo.

Application Details ▼
    1. Suitable for all kinds of cotton, T/C cloth, with high fastness, strong stereo effect, etc.
    2. If there is special requirement for washing fastness, it is recommended to add cross-linking agent appropriately. The general amount is: 1.5%--2.5%
    3. It is used with our company's glue. The dosage is different according to the requirements.

Packaging and Storage ▼

    50KG blue PE barrel lined with double PE plastic bags. Store at room temperature and protected from light for 6 months.
The storage safety period after opening is requested by the customer.

Digital direct spray printing primer

Digital base slurry detailed description

One: performance

Very soft to the touch, good elasticity, dry and non-sticky surface
Good adhesion, improve the flexibility of white glue

Two: process

NT-2 digital primer is used to make a three-knife bottoming, and the flashing machine can be baked for 7 seconds.
Then print NT-1 white glue three times a knife, bake the oven for 7 seconds to dry, then print NT-1 white glue again, immediately inkjet
After the inkjet is finished, the flash dryer is baked for 7 seconds, and then covered with a special cover slurry NT-4.
After the NT-4 cover is printed, the flash dryer can be baked for 7 seconds.
After 12 hours of natural drying or pre-bake at 120 ° C for 2 minutes, then heat the furnace at 150-160 ° C for 2-3 minutes to make the ink completely dry and cure.

Friday, 26 April 2019

New bronzing process - cold stamping technology

First, hot stamping technology

Holographic hot stamping technology is one of the safer and more successful anti-counterfeiting methods that have been certified worldwide. The holographic hot stamping process applies holograms in large quantities. The holograms printed on the substrates are very thin and melt with the substrates. As one, it can get a good visual effect with the printed patterns and colors on it. According to different hot stamping processes, holographic hot stamping can be roughly divided into three types, namely low-speed holographic hot stamping, fast chaotic holographic hot stamping. And high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping. Among them, the high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping technology has the highest requirements and the highest anti-counterfeiting strength. It is necessary to ensure that the hologram is completely and accurately stamped at a specified position under high production efficiency, and the positioning accuracy is not less than ±0.25 mm. The holographic positioning hot stamping adopts the corresponding anti-counterfeiting pattern, and the process is special. Through the use of the holographic positioning probe, the precise control of the electrochemical aluminum, the quality of the bronzing is high, and the consensus has been obtained in the world. Since holographic electrochemical aluminum is difficult to manufacture, the number of manufacturers is small, and the process is complicated, so the cost is high.

Cold bronzing technology is a brand new bronzing process that does not require the use of a heated metal silver plate. Instead, the adhesive is applied directly to the decorative graphic to allow the anodized aluminum to adhere to the surface of the print. Cold bronzing is usually formed by circular pressing, and the bronzing speed is fast, but the bronzing surface effect and firmness are poor, so the printed matter needs to be glazed or coated. The cold stamping process has low cost, saves energy and has high production efficiency. At present, some tobacco factories on the market have cancelled the paper packaging of the cigarette packet box, and replaced the color box with the color box to reduce the packaging cost. Using cold stamping technology, you can create a similar hot stamping effect on paper and film to increase the appeal of the cigarette pack.

The first hot stamping is a new idea in the printing industry and cigarette label design. First hot stamping is to first print the silver foil on the white cardboard, and then print the graphic on the surface of the hot stamping silver foil, which is a large-area hot stamping technology. This kind of processing method usually adopts round flattening or round pressing and bronzing machine. When hot stamping, the pressure is line contact. When printing on a large area, unlike ordinary flat stamping, bubbles will appear, and the hot stamping surface is very flat. At the same time, full-page hot stamping does not increase the load on the machine.

The three-dimensional bronzing is a process of embossing or embossing the embossing and embossing by using the etching or engraving technique to realize the process of bronzing and embossing at one time. This process simultaneously completes bronzing and embossing, reduces waste generated by inaccurate processing, and improves production efficiency and product quality. Stereo stamping often uses a high-resolution gilt embossing material, which can display different colors at different angles, achieving ideal anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting functions. Cover the subtle levels of the text to avoid tampering and forgery of the file. The three-dimensional bronzing can be flat-pressed, round-pressed and round-pressed with a hot stamping die-cutting machine. The bronzing uses a corroded copper plate or a carved brass plate. Corrosion copper plate is used for flat bronzing, the service life is short, generally 100,000 times, and the engraved brass version can reach 1 million times of service life, suitable for long-running, and the quality of bronzing is good.

Second, engraving gravure technology

Advanced engraving gravure plate making and printing technology printed printed matter, the ink layer is thick and thick, the lines on the paper surface have a certain luster, some patterns are particularly convex, and the tactile tradition is used. The way to feel is that it is easy to identify the raised gravure pattern, and simply touch the pattern with your fingertips to confirm the feel. At the same time, its obvious bulging, thick and vivid colors and fine continuous lines will give people a sense of distinctiveness.

It is the appearance of these ordinary offsets that cannot be reproduced, which reflects its anti-counterfeiting value. Engraving gravure is not only a traditional technology for security defense, but also an effective and reliable carrier for machine-readable features such as magnetic and infrared absorption.

Third, the new screen printing technology

Screen printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich graphics and graphics, strong stereoscopic effect and wide printing materials. It has gradually increased its application in high-grade tobacco and alcohol and food packaging cartons.

The use of UV screen ink to print frost, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other effects on the cigarette case greatly stimulates the consumer's desire to purchase. However, due to the flat printing speed, the printing speed is low, the ink curing speed is slow, the printing quality is difficult to control, and the printing material consumption is large, which cannot meet the needs of the cigarette carton size and mass production. It adopts high-speed rotary screen printing production line, which has fast printing speed, high productivity, stable printing quality and low consumption. It has changed the traditional flat-press screen printing manual feeding and ink supply methods, and is suitable for high-speed automatic and large-scale mass production of beautiful folding. Tray.

Web Rotary Screen Printing uses a nickel metal round screen plate, a built-in squeegee and an automatic ink supply system that transfers the printing ink from the round screen to the surface of the substrate supported by the impression cylinder. The entire printing process is controlled automatically by the computer from paper feeding, ink supply, color registration, and UV drying. The circular screen printing plate is electroformed, and the mesh has hexagonal wire-shaped holes, and the entire mesh surface is even and thin, ensuring the stability and precision of the printing. Therefore, the web rotary screen printing can meet the requirements of special effects such as printing frosting and ice painting, and can directly print holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, embossing and die-cutting, and realize high-speed automatic printing of paper boxes. Since the round stamping is hot stamping and the die cutting is a line contact, the line pressure during die cutting is much smaller than the flat surface contact pressure, so that the device power is small and the smoothness is good. Due to the continuous rolling die-cutting, the production efficiency is high, and the maximum die-cutting speed can reach 350 m/min. The circular die-cutting machine is equipped with a high-precision registration device and a die-cutting phase adjustment device to obtain a relatively high die-cutting. Precision.

Hot stamping paper three good standards and common problems in use

Hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping of anodized hot stamping foil (hot stamping paper) onto the surface of a substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The gilded graphic has a dazzling and magnificent visual effect, which can play the role of stone and gold, and has been widely used in various industries such as textiles and clothing, paper, plastic, glass, electronic appliances, toys, gifts and handicrafts. It is enough to improve the product quality, more in line with the current trend, becoming an international fashion trend.

First, how can gold foil paper achieve the "three good" standard?

“Three good” means good water resistance, good gloss and good flatness.

1. Operate according to the correct production process requirements, that is, master the parameters of temperature, pressure and time;

2, choose high-quality bronzing paper and bronzing paste, a reasonable mix.

Second, the cause of uneven or incomplete separation

1. The bottom plate of the pressing machine is not smooth and smooth;

2. Uneven force during pressing;

3, the base material bronzing paste is not smoothed or not scraped in place;

4. The pressing time is not well controlled.

3. What should I do when the pattern is cracked after bronzing?

Choose a reasonable combination of bronzing paste and hot stamping paper.

4. What should I do if the bronzing on the pattern is easy to stick to other parts?

1. It is recommended to use a separator with better performance;

2. The separator must be dried during the operation to proceed to the next step.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

The main application range of silk screen printing technology

The screen printer is called "Screen Printer Machine", which is a device that prints solder paste or patch glue onto a PCB pad through a wire mesh. Can be divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-column screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, silk screen marking of printed circuit boards, signs of instrument housing panels, solder paste printing during circuit board processing.

There are many applications for screen printing.

For example: signs and panels, plastic sheets, advertising materials, printed circuits, optical discs, anti-counterfeiting printing, etc.

Dongying gilding paper Washable cloth gilding paper Screen printing

Packaging and printing - the main service target of the packaging industry is the screen printing industry. The continuous development and application of screen printing technology will better serve the packaging and decoration industry and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and decoration industry. The web printing industry has brought a broader market. Such as printing high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packets and so on. If the outer casing of large electrical products is printed with a bright screen by silk screen printing, the products decorated with these large outer casings will be favored by customers no matter which store they are placed in, which will play an irreplaceable propaganda role for packaging advertisements. With the continuous development of computer technology, a variety of software is constantly appearing, especially the production of CDs for cultural entertainment, TV movies and various publications is increasing. 92% of the company logo, images, and text printed on such CDs are screen printed. Screen printing equipment has low investment and low cost, and is suitable for multi-variety printing of CD discs.

Advertising Printing - There will be more markets for screen printing in commercial advertising. In particular, electrical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies pay great attention to the role of advertising in order to promote their image. The time and quality of advertising determines the company's share of the market. Therefore, various electrical advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and commercial advertisements provide a wide space for screen printing. In the commercial competition, large-scale outdoor advertising is valued because of its wide field of view and good effect. Therefore, China's screen printing color outdoor advertising has also shown the advantages of large batch size, cheap price, bright color and fast delivery, which is recognized by more and more city planning departments and advertising management departments. A lot of advertising businesses.

Circuit printing - 80% of screen printing in the electronics industry. For example, in the production of television sets, screen printing is used in many places, and the development of large-scale flat-panel display devices such as display screens (PALC) is increasingly inseparable from screen printing. For example, the POP plate discharges to the helium gas by applying an external voltage, and the emitted ultraviolet light is irradiated onto the phosphor, and then converted into visible light. For example, a 40-type plate that is screen printed and mass-produced can have a width of 30 μm.

Handicraft printing - With the development of China's western regions and rural urbanization, the growth of ceramic tile production lines is strong. In addition, China is a large ceramic country. In addition to satisfying a large number of domestic demand, it is also exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Therefore, screen printing of ceramic flower paper plays an important role in China's screen printing industry.

Holographic laser positioning of electrochemical aluminum is a special process application in design

The hot stamping process utilizes the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect, so that the printed matter is subjected to hot stamping, gloss, three-dimensionality, metallic feeling, and anti-counterfeiting. The performance has achieved good results. Make the packaging of the goods look high-end, exquisite and full of personality. Now people have more requirements for products, product quality, product performance, product packaging and so on. Our bronzing paper can make the product packaging better. Our bronzing paper can be decorated with bright, bright, laser, laser, brushed, mirror, wood grain, metal and ink. The effect of hot stamping paper processing after hot stamping paper shows a strong metallic luster, bright colors, high gloss. Moreover, the processed products of bronzing paper look high-end, top grade, and are popular among the public, which is very attractive to consumers. Thereby improving the rapid development and wide application of hot stamping technology.

In the hot stamping process, it can be divided into two types: hot stamping and preprinting and hot stamping. Most hot stamping is hot stamping, such as ordinary gold, laser gold stamping and holographic hot stamping. Commonly used in hot stamping on gold, silver, laser and glass cards, it has been widely used in Western countries.
  Most bronzing is also directly bronzing on printed materials, as well as bronzing on the surface of UV varnish and bronzing on self-adhesive film materials. The process of bronzing on the surface of UV varnish requires very high requirements for UV varnish and bronzing aluminum. When bronzing, it is necessary to ensure that the two are closely attached and have good bronzing suitability. Hot stamping on self-adhesive materials is divided into direct bronzing on the film and bronzing on the surface of the ink layer. This process is to prevent the ink layer or gold foil from falling off and the bronzing is not implemented. Therefore, the surface of the film should be pretreated to ensure Hot stamping quality.

The hot stamping is a new idea in the printing industry and the design of the cigarette label. The hot stamping is to first stamp the silver foil on the white cardboard, and then print the graphic on the surface of the hot stamping silver foil, which is a large-area hot stamping. Printing technology. This kind of processing method usually adopts round flattening or round pressing and bronzing machine. The pressure is hot line contact when hot stamping. In the case of large-area hot stamping, there is no bubble phenomenon like flat stamping, and the hot stamping surface is very flat. At the same time, full-page hot stamping does not increase the load on the machine. The hot stamping process is widely used.

Holographic laser positioning of electrochemical aluminum is a special process application in design, holographic positioning hot stamping uses the corresponding anti-counterfeiting pattern, with security and anti-counterfeiting functions, has been recognized worldwide. The electro-aluminized aluminum itself has a laser pattern, and the galvanic positioning probe is positioned to precisely control the anodized aluminum, and the hot stamping pattern is transferred to the fixed position of the substrate, so that the substrate has a special pattern on the hot stamping surface, thereby playing an anti-counterfeiting effect. Hot stamping quality is high. Due to the high requirements of hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure, hot stamping speed and hot stamping type, the holographic laser positioning aluminum alloy manufacturing process is more difficult and difficult to manufacture, so it is difficult to imitate and cost. High, usually in the anti-counterfeiting of high-end cigarettes, large checks, retail gift vouchers, ID cards and coins, such as on the front page of the passport, through the complex maps with official confirmation on the above as identification The sign is for security. Nowadays, all the series of products of the major China Tobacco Group have their own unique anti-counterfeiting patterns, which can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the products, and at the same time improve the grade of the products.

Excellent Performance hot stamping foil

Excellent Performance hot stamping foil
Nametextile foil,foil,fabric foil
Thickness12 micron
Normal size640mm*120m/roll or 640mm*3000m/roll
Normal size640mm*120m/roll or 640mm*3000m/roll
ColorGold, silver, red, green, black, blue, and also transparent with all kinds of design
UsageStamping on both paper and plastic
ApplicationPopular used in all kinds of cards( greeting card, IC, IP card, label ), Calendar, packing box for wine, cosmetic, tobacco, and so on
special orderWe can make it only for paper, and also make other sizes according to your requirements

Friday, 19 April 2019

How to adjust the strength of the paper embossing plate during the hot stamping process

Step 1 Hot stamping, embossing temperature control

Hot stamping and embossing are completed once, so the gilding temperature is higher than the temperature when gilding alone, and the temperature is generally controlled at about 150 °C.

Step 2

Hot stamping, pressure adjustment

When starting the hot stamping and embossing work, it is necessary to re-check the adjustment pressure. The layout requires uniformity from top to bottom and left and right. When viewing, the back side of the embossed paper can be turned on and embossed as long as it has a clear outline. Since the bronzing and pressing embossing plates are secondary corrosion, the concave surface is relatively uneven during the etching. When hot stamping, an elastic pad such as a plastic film may be appropriately placed according to the situation to compensate for the unevenness caused by the concave unevenness. The drawbacks of electrifying aluminum.

Step 3

Before the plate is installed, the surface of the hot plate should be cleaned, and some streaks should be drawn on the back of the bronzing and embossing zinc plate. A piece of cloth slightly coated with the white glue (or cowhide glue) larger than the zinc plate is pressed according to the determined zinc plate. The mounting position and printing method are pasted on the hot plate, and then the zinc plate is pasted on the electric heating plate cloth, and some hard paper is pressed on the bottom plate, and the power is turned on and heated to 80-90 ° C, hot pressing. After about 15 minutes, the zinc plate is firmly attached to the hot plate. After the zinc plate is firmly adhered, a 100 g or more coated paper is pasted on the base plate with a transparent adhesive tape, and the printed paper is pressed with the carbon paper. This is a rule, and the cutting is slightly larger than the printed image. 2-3 pieces of white paper, which are glued and flattened, then pasted to the place where the print is placed, and the printed coated paper is removed. After the 250 g of whiteboard paper is adhered to the base plate, the uppermost whiteboard paper is wetted with a wet towel, and the bottom plate is pressed and pressure-pressed until the surface of the whiteboard paper is printed with a rich and uneven mark. It should be noted that it is necessary to prevent the whiteboard paper from being too high, or to pressurize and increase the pressure, so that the surface that does not need to be bronzing and embossed is higher than the hot stamping and embossing, so that the non-bronzing and embossing portions are not pressed. It is also burned with anodized aluminum, which affects the appearance and quality of the picture.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

What is the difference between screen glue printing and heat transfer?

Talk about how the screen glue printing and heat transfer are distinguished:

Different process:

Heat transfer is to first print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper (commonly known as hot paper). If necessary, cover the thermal transfer paper on the T-shirt and put it into the heat transfer machine (heat press machine) to warm and press for a few seconds. In the middle, the pattern is transferred to the T-shirt; the thermosetting ink printing uses a special thermosetting oil digital printing ink to directly print the pattern on the T-shirt, and then put it into the infrared drying device to dry, in the process, The ink particles are melted and firmly combined with the T-shirt fibers to form a cooling.

Different appearance:

Because the white matrix on the thermal transfer paper must be melted to "stick" the pattern to the T-shirt, traditional heat transfer patterns often have unnatural stiff white edges; thermoset ink prints have no annoying hard edges because It is "direct" and does not require a white matrix.

Different feels and different breathability:

The Hot Stamping touches like a layer of rubber, because the white matrix plus pigment is almost 0.5mm thick, which is a continuous sealing layer; the screen glue printing is a semi-scattered fine color particle distributed on the T-shirt, soft and breathable. The feel is close to the aqueous paste printing, but it is more vivid and durable than the printed color.

New heat transfer also has advantages:

In the past, I said that there is a shortage of hot stamping. In fact, as an emerging T-shirt printing process, hot stamping has its own unique advantages:

1. The hot-painting T-shirt is produced quickly, without the need for plate making, and it can be made ready.

2, the heat transfer pattern particles are fine, can reach the photo level, and the print can not reach.

3, to do a small area of the pattern, the effect of gas permeability is not great, heat transfer is more appropriate, cheaper.

What is the difference between screen glue printing and heat transfer?