Sunday, 10 March 2019

What is the difference between screen glue printing and heat transfer?

Talk about how the screen glue printing and heat transfer are distinguished:

Different process:

Heat transfer is to first print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper (commonly known as hot paper). If necessary, cover the thermal transfer paper on the T-shirt and put it into the heat transfer machine (heat press machine) to warm and press for a few seconds. In the middle, the pattern is transferred to the T-shirt; the thermosetting ink printing uses a special thermosetting oil digital printing ink to directly print the pattern on the T-shirt, and then put it into the infrared drying device to dry, in the process, The ink particles are melted and firmly combined with the T-shirt fibers to form a cooling.

Different appearance:

Because the white matrix on the thermal transfer paper must be melted to "stick" the pattern to the T-shirt, traditional heat transfer patterns often have unnatural stiff white edges; thermoset ink prints have no annoying hard edges because It is "direct" and does not require a white matrix.

Different feels and different breathability:

The Hot Stamping touches like a layer of rubber, because the white matrix plus pigment is almost 0.5mm thick, which is a continuous sealing layer; the screen glue printing is a semi-scattered fine color particle distributed on the T-shirt, soft and breathable. The feel is close to the aqueous paste printing, but it is more vivid and durable than the printed color.

New heat transfer also has advantages:

In the past, I said that there is a shortage of hot stamping. In fact, as an emerging T-shirt printing process, hot stamping has its own unique advantages:

1. The hot-painting T-shirt is produced quickly, without the need for plate making, and it can be made ready.

2, the heat transfer pattern particles are fine, can reach the photo level, and the print can not reach.

3, to do a small area of the pattern, the effect of gas permeability is not great, heat transfer is more appropriate, cheaper.

What is the difference between screen glue printing and heat transfer?