Friday, 26 April 2019

New bronzing process - cold stamping technology

First, hot stamping technology

Holographic hot stamping technology is one of the safer and more successful anti-counterfeiting methods that have been certified worldwide. The holographic hot stamping process applies holograms in large quantities. The holograms printed on the substrates are very thin and melt with the substrates. As one, it can get a good visual effect with the printed patterns and colors on it. According to different hot stamping processes, holographic hot stamping can be roughly divided into three types, namely low-speed holographic hot stamping, fast chaotic holographic hot stamping. And high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping. Among them, the high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping technology has the highest requirements and the highest anti-counterfeiting strength. It is necessary to ensure that the hologram is completely and accurately stamped at a specified position under high production efficiency, and the positioning accuracy is not less than ±0.25 mm. The holographic positioning hot stamping adopts the corresponding anti-counterfeiting pattern, and the process is special. Through the use of the holographic positioning probe, the precise control of the electrochemical aluminum, the quality of the bronzing is high, and the consensus has been obtained in the world. Since holographic electrochemical aluminum is difficult to manufacture, the number of manufacturers is small, and the process is complicated, so the cost is high.

Cold bronzing technology is a brand new bronzing process that does not require the use of a heated metal silver plate. Instead, the adhesive is applied directly to the decorative graphic to allow the anodized aluminum to adhere to the surface of the print. Cold bronzing is usually formed by circular pressing, and the bronzing speed is fast, but the bronzing surface effect and firmness are poor, so the printed matter needs to be glazed or coated. The cold stamping process has low cost, saves energy and has high production efficiency. At present, some tobacco factories on the market have cancelled the paper packaging of the cigarette packet box, and replaced the color box with the color box to reduce the packaging cost. Using cold stamping technology, you can create a similar hot stamping effect on paper and film to increase the appeal of the cigarette pack.

The first hot stamping is a new idea in the printing industry and cigarette label design. First hot stamping is to first print the silver foil on the white cardboard, and then print the graphic on the surface of the hot stamping silver foil, which is a large-area hot stamping technology. This kind of processing method usually adopts round flattening or round pressing and bronzing machine. When hot stamping, the pressure is line contact. When printing on a large area, unlike ordinary flat stamping, bubbles will appear, and the hot stamping surface is very flat. At the same time, full-page hot stamping does not increase the load on the machine.

The three-dimensional bronzing is a process of embossing or embossing the embossing and embossing by using the etching or engraving technique to realize the process of bronzing and embossing at one time. This process simultaneously completes bronzing and embossing, reduces waste generated by inaccurate processing, and improves production efficiency and product quality. Stereo stamping often uses a high-resolution gilt embossing material, which can display different colors at different angles, achieving ideal anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting functions. Cover the subtle levels of the text to avoid tampering and forgery of the file. The three-dimensional bronzing can be flat-pressed, round-pressed and round-pressed with a hot stamping die-cutting machine. The bronzing uses a corroded copper plate or a carved brass plate. Corrosion copper plate is used for flat bronzing, the service life is short, generally 100,000 times, and the engraved brass version can reach 1 million times of service life, suitable for long-running, and the quality of bronzing is good.

Second, engraving gravure technology

Advanced engraving gravure plate making and printing technology printed printed matter, the ink layer is thick and thick, the lines on the paper surface have a certain luster, some patterns are particularly convex, and the tactile tradition is used. The way to feel is that it is easy to identify the raised gravure pattern, and simply touch the pattern with your fingertips to confirm the feel. At the same time, its obvious bulging, thick and vivid colors and fine continuous lines will give people a sense of distinctiveness.

It is the appearance of these ordinary offsets that cannot be reproduced, which reflects its anti-counterfeiting value. Engraving gravure is not only a traditional technology for security defense, but also an effective and reliable carrier for machine-readable features such as magnetic and infrared absorption.

Third, the new screen printing technology

Screen printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich graphics and graphics, strong stereoscopic effect and wide printing materials. It has gradually increased its application in high-grade tobacco and alcohol and food packaging cartons.

The use of UV screen ink to print frost, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other effects on the cigarette case greatly stimulates the consumer's desire to purchase. However, due to the flat printing speed, the printing speed is low, the ink curing speed is slow, the printing quality is difficult to control, and the printing material consumption is large, which cannot meet the needs of the cigarette carton size and mass production. It adopts high-speed rotary screen printing production line, which has fast printing speed, high productivity, stable printing quality and low consumption. It has changed the traditional flat-press screen printing manual feeding and ink supply methods, and is suitable for high-speed automatic and large-scale mass production of beautiful folding. Tray.

Web Rotary Screen Printing uses a nickel metal round screen plate, a built-in squeegee and an automatic ink supply system that transfers the printing ink from the round screen to the surface of the substrate supported by the impression cylinder. The entire printing process is controlled automatically by the computer from paper feeding, ink supply, color registration, and UV drying. The circular screen printing plate is electroformed, and the mesh has hexagonal wire-shaped holes, and the entire mesh surface is even and thin, ensuring the stability and precision of the printing. Therefore, the web rotary screen printing can meet the requirements of special effects such as printing frosting and ice painting, and can directly print holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, embossing and die-cutting, and realize high-speed automatic printing of paper boxes. Since the round stamping is hot stamping and the die cutting is a line contact, the line pressure during die cutting is much smaller than the flat surface contact pressure, so that the device power is small and the smoothness is good. Due to the continuous rolling die-cutting, the production efficiency is high, and the maximum die-cutting speed can reach 350 m/min. The circular die-cutting machine is equipped with a high-precision registration device and a die-cutting phase adjustment device to obtain a relatively high die-cutting. Precision.

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