Sunday, 21 April 2019

The main application range of silk screen printing technology

The screen printer is called "Screen Printer Machine", which is a device that prints solder paste or patch glue onto a PCB pad through a wire mesh. Can be divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-column screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, silk screen marking of printed circuit boards, signs of instrument housing panels, solder paste printing during circuit board processing.

There are many applications for screen printing.

For example: signs and panels, plastic sheets, advertising materials, printed circuits, optical discs, anti-counterfeiting printing, etc.

Dongying gilding paper Washable cloth gilding paper Screen printing

Packaging and printing - the main service target of the packaging industry is the screen printing industry. The continuous development and application of screen printing technology will better serve the packaging and decoration industry and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and decoration industry. The web printing industry has brought a broader market. Such as printing high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packets and so on. If the outer casing of large electrical products is printed with a bright screen by silk screen printing, the products decorated with these large outer casings will be favored by customers no matter which store they are placed in, which will play an irreplaceable propaganda role for packaging advertisements. With the continuous development of computer technology, a variety of software is constantly appearing, especially the production of CDs for cultural entertainment, TV movies and various publications is increasing. 92% of the company logo, images, and text printed on such CDs are screen printed. Screen printing equipment has low investment and low cost, and is suitable for multi-variety printing of CD discs.

Advertising Printing - There will be more markets for screen printing in commercial advertising. In particular, electrical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies pay great attention to the role of advertising in order to promote their image. The time and quality of advertising determines the company's share of the market. Therefore, various electrical advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and commercial advertisements provide a wide space for screen printing. In the commercial competition, large-scale outdoor advertising is valued because of its wide field of view and good effect. Therefore, China's screen printing color outdoor advertising has also shown the advantages of large batch size, cheap price, bright color and fast delivery, which is recognized by more and more city planning departments and advertising management departments. A lot of advertising businesses.

Circuit printing - 80% of screen printing in the electronics industry. For example, in the production of television sets, screen printing is used in many places, and the development of large-scale flat-panel display devices such as display screens (PALC) is increasingly inseparable from screen printing. For example, the POP plate discharges to the helium gas by applying an external voltage, and the emitted ultraviolet light is irradiated onto the phosphor, and then converted into visible light. For example, a 40-type plate that is screen printed and mass-produced can have a width of 30 μm.

Handicraft printing - With the development of China's western regions and rural urbanization, the growth of ceramic tile production lines is strong. In addition, China is a large ceramic country. In addition to satisfying a large number of domestic demand, it is also exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Therefore, screen printing of ceramic flower paper plays an important role in China's screen printing industry.

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