Thursday, 4 July 2019

Digital toner hot stamping is prone to incomplete hot stamping, overprinting machine is not complete solution

Laminator hot stamping solution

    1. The plate is damaged or deformed, which is one of the important reasons for the incompleteness of the digital toner laser printing. Therefore, if the plate is found to be damaged, the plate should be repaired or replaced immediately. The plate is deformed so that the plate does not withstand the applied stamping pressure. The plate should be replaced and the pressure adjusted.

      2. If the gilding paper is cut and conveyed, the gilding paper will be too small when the horizontal cutting is cut or the deviation will be caused when the cutting is performed. The gilding paper will not match the printing plate, and some of the graphic will be exposed. And caused incompleteness. In order to prevent such problems, it should be neat and flat when cutting the hot stamping paper, and the margin size should be appropriately increased.

      3. The improper transfer speed and tightness of the bronzing paper will also cause such a malfunction. The bronzing paper receiving device is loosely displaced, or the winding core and the reel are loosened, the unwinding speed changes, and the tightness of the bronzing paper changes, causing the image position to deviate, resulting in graphic defects. At this time, the winding and unwinding position should be adjusted. If the hot stamping paper is too tight, the pressure of the winding roller and the pulling force of the winding roller should be properly adjusted to ensure proper speed tightness.

      4. The printing plate part moves and falls at the position of the bottom plate, and the pad of the embossing mechanism shifts, so that the normal hot stamping pressure changes, and the unevenness will cause the digital toner to print the hot stamping part of the image. Imprinting is incomplete, such as too light pressure, can increase the pressure.

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