Monday, 22 July 2019

What is the clothing gilding in the print?

In the clothing printing, bronzing paper and hot stamping gold paste can be simply understood as bronzing is a small branch of the printing process. They are a post-process of fabric and leather surface treatment. For details, you can go to Dongguan Zijiang Textile to see There are a lot of hot stamping pictures on it. Hot stamping is mainly to achieve the effect of sparkling in the sun, which is not possible with general flat printing. Daily bronzing pattern and printing knowledge
The printing is divided into digital printing, which is also our common large direct-injection printing, and the pre-requisite group of common flat nets and rotary nets is made into a screen version, and the pattern on the screen is printed on the cloth or leather. . The principle of bronzing is similar to this. Simply speaking, the pattern is prefabricated on a plate (commonly intaglio), by applying glue on the plate, and then transferring the gold on the bronzing paper to the cloth according to the pattern of the plate. Just called bronzing, the simple is to understand this.

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